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Server Rules

  1. The community rules apply.
  2. Do not grief or steal! Stealing includes duplicating custom items without permission.
  3. Do not rapidly switch musical instruments!
  4. Do not spam chat or party invites or loud items near other players!
  5. Do not enter other players’ ship without permission! Sharing a party counts as permission.
  6. Do not PvP players without their permission! Special PvP worlds may be exempt from this rule.
  7. Do not intentionally lag or crash the server! This also means: Do not connect with incompatible mods! Do not place multiple S.A.I.L.s per world! (The latter crashes the world.)
  8. Do not intentionally disrupt other players’ playstyles! For example do not intentionally disrupt players’ progression by dropping non-legitimately-obtained (e.g. spawned in) items on a player who wants to play using only legitimately-obtained items!

Hub-specific rules

Goldenwood Hotel rules

  1. The server rules apply.
  2. Do not remove or move your room’s door!
  3. Do not change your room’s shape or size!
  4. Do not modify anything other than your room!

Nuclear testing grounds rules

  1. The server rules apply.
  2. Do not destroy the landing zone’s WTM teleporter! It is a good idea to test things outside the landing zone.