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This is Multiverstar Modded!

The chill, non-toxic, professionally run Starbound server with grief protection.

Server features

40+ species

Our modded Starbound server has more than 40 playable species. Fierce orcs, cute Nekos, literal cats and much more are part of the selection.

All this is enhanced by our custom made character creation window that not only categorizes the species but also has them sorted alphabetically.

Dozens of planet types

Thanks to expansive mods like Arcana and Maple32, there is a large amount of different planet types to explore and build on, many of them orbiting brand new star types.

New dungeons, settlements and materials await on these uncharted territories.

Thousands of new items

Do you need something? A new bed? A SPACESHIP? The Skymall got you covered, featuring tens of shops from a variety of mods.

Planet claims

Claim a planet for yourself or for your group to protect your epic builds from griefing!

Advanced options like a whitelist and a blacklist are also available for ultimate player control.

Hotel rooms

Claim your very own hotel room in the Goldenwood Hotel and decorate it to your liking!

Testing grounds

The nuclear testing grounds is a special hub that is automatically restored to its original state every scheduled restart.

A great location for trying out powerful weapons and tools or just testing things.